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My favourite experience is the Zen Day Retreat. I love the tranquility, the meditation, the yoga, the lunch and most of all the silence. I cannot recommend highly enough.


Zen Day Retreat

On the last Saturday of every month, we run our Zen Day Retreat. A full day of meditation (seated, eating, working), yoga (in the garden usually), mindfulness and yoga nidra. The whole day takes place in silence so no need to introduce yourself, share your story or feel any obligation to entertain your fellow attendees.

Attendees should bring something for working meditation – drawing, writing, knitting etc or are free to work in the Vitality garden.

Retreats are limited to five attendees and run from 10am-4pm.

Have a look at this blog to find out more about when happens on our Zen days and get some feedback from one of our attendees <3


2017 – September 30th (FULL), November 25th (FULL)

2018 – January 27th (3 SPACES), March 31st (1 SPACE), May 26th (1 SPACE), November 24th (FULL)


Residential Retreats (Coming Soon)

We are working closely with a gorgeous local venue to provide longer residential retreats. To be the first to hear about these, click on the link below.

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