‘Contentment is the only real wealth’

Alfred Nobel

All you need to know about me and my business baby … 

Vitality is about helping people to live their most contented and joy filled life. It has developed mostly from my own quest to find contentment. It’s been a bit of a windy and not very predictable journey through librarianship, call centres, management consultancy and the public sector. I’ve worked all over the world and it took me a few years before I realised that what I really wanted was to be home in Scotland, surrounded by stormy seas and infinite skies, doing things that make me feel happy and relaxed and helping other people to do the same.

After a period of resistance, self doubt and burn out, I jumped the corporate ship in 2008 and my business baby was born. We are based in the glorious far north of Scotland … really far north .. in fact, any farther north and you fall off the top and start swimming to Norway.

I’ve been lucky enough to have met and worked with the most incredible, inspirational group of people – artists, writers, creatives, goddesses, zen masters, dreamers, entrepreneurs and soul sisters. I’ll be sharing more of their incredible work in my blog so you can get to know them too 💕

At Vitality, we offer wellbeing coachingyoga & mindfulness, reikiretreats, chat, pug hugs and whatever else you need to feel good about your life. Sessions can be one-to-one, group or bespoke packages for organisations. I’ve run wellbeing sessions and programmes for primary and secondary schools, the NHS, Police Scotland, Dounreay, The Highland Council, Caithness KLIC, LGOWIT, Diabetes Scotland, The Highland Council, The MS Society, Home Start, Tanya’s Dance School, Women’s Aid and The University of the Highlands and Islands.

Wellbeing is a real focus within Vitality and you can spend a whole year working on your wellbeing through The Practical Goddess. The feedback has been wonderful and many of our Goddesses join us every year. I’m beyond excited to have realised a lifetime dream and signed a publishing deal for the Practical Goddess book – it will be with you all be the end of 2020.

I write a self-care column for Holistic Therapist Magazine – a wonderful magazine full of loads of interesting articles in all aspects of holistic health and wellbeing and guest post on many others including Kindred Spirit, Thrive Global and Introvert Dear.

I also volunteer as a Women’s Aid Ask Me Ambassador, cat foster mama for Cat Protection and as Frank’s entourage for Pets as Therapy.

With love and light

Donna xxx


Donna is a Master NLP Practitioner, Advanced Life Coach, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Zen Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Relax Kids Coach and Reiki Master Teacher – she brings elements of all of these to her coaching work. She has undertaken specialist CPD in Hypnotherapy for IBS, The Fertile Body, Hypnobirthing, HypnoBand, Counselling for Fear & Sadness and Therapeutic Journaling.

Donna has also trained in Angel Healing, Ascension Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Hopi-Ear Candling, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Colour Therapy.

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