‘If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, then we must teach in the way they learn’


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We have three different classes, Little Stars for toddlers, Relax Kids for lower primary school and Chill Skills for upper primary / early secondary. All classes incorporate games, yoga, mindfulness and creativity and are a great way for your child to learn to relax and build their confidence and social skills. Classes run in six week (little stars & relax kids) and eight week (chill skills) blocks.

Donna has been a fully qualified Relax Kids coach (which covers the three different classes) for several years  and has full disclosure. She also provides one to one and family coaching sessions. Sessions are also available in schools (for pupils and teachers) and within community projects.

Spaces must be pre-booked. You will find details of any spaces under the relevant class details below.

Little Stars (toddler – nursery)

Tesco Community Room, Wick

Wednesdays 10.45-11.30am (starts tbc)

Let your child join in our colourful adventure stories Each week they will sing songs, play games, dance, stretch and relax, listening to stories. Your child will have so much fun while engaging in activities that aid language, physical and emotional development. And you can join in too 🙂

* Improved physical skills through dance and movement
* Improved creativity and communication through play
* Improved balance and control through stretches
* Improved social skills through peer massage and positive touch
* Improved sleep and relaxation with breathing exercises
* Improved confidence and self-esteem with positive affirmations
* Improved imagination, creativity and calm with simple visualisation stories


£30 per six week block

Relax Kids (P1 – P4/5)

Tesco Community Room, Wick

Wednesdays 4.30-5.15pm – new block starts 24th April (SPACES)


Send your child to a class where they have fun, make new friends and feel great.

Movement and dance, fun and relaxation games, stretching, peer and self massage, breathing exercises, positive affirmations, relaxation, mindfulness and visualisations.

* Improved confidence and self-esteem
* Improved focus and concentration
* Improved creativity and imagination
* Improved resilience and optimism

£30 per six week block

Chill Skills (P4/5 – S1/2)

Tesco Community Room, Wick

Tuesdays 4.30-5.15pm – new blocks starts tbc (SPACES)

Learn how to relax and de-stress, achieve goals, how to have positive and powerful thoughts, how to feel happy, how to feel great.

* Improved confidence and self-esteem
* Gives young people tools to cope with stress, anxiety and fears.
* Helps teens manage anger and emotions.
* Improves social skills, emotional literacy, concentration and memory retention


£30 per six week block

Coaching for Kids – Private Sessions

By appointment

For children who are uncomfortable with group sessions or who would benefit from a more personal contact we offer one to one Coaching for Kids sessions which are very specific to their individual needs. Families can also attend. Sessions are suitable for all ages from toddler to late teens.

* Improved confidence and self-esteem
* Provide tools to help manage emotions
* Creative and play based therapy
* Improved sleep and relaxation

£40 per 45 minute session


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