Close your eyes for a minute. Don’t worry if you feel a bit stupid. Close your eyes and just for a second, imagine what it would be like to live YOUR Goddess life. What would you be doing? Where would you be living? How would you be spending your days? Would a Goddess be worrying about what people think or taking care of everyone else while never giving themselves a moment? Would a Goddess have dreams and goals or would they settle for living the same year over and over? Would a Goddess feel worthless, tired and anxious? Do you?

It’s the time of year where we look back over the previous year and decide that things really are going to be different next year. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

So, now that you’ve done a little bit of Goddess dreaming, here are five signs that you are ready to step into YOUR Goddess life and make 2018 your best year yet!

1.  Surely there must be more to life?

Sometimes we can be so caught up in living that we forget to have a life? Do you feel like you just drifted through 2017, letting it happen to you? When you’re living day to day you can forget to be grateful for what has gone well or to recognise what has been achieved.

Keep a daily gratitude list – write it down, go through it in your head or use an app. Keep a note of what you achieve each day.

2.  Everything is a little bit too hard / boring / the same …

Does every day feel the same? You get up, go through the motions and forget to stop and recognise the miracle of being alive. In fact, your life really doesn’t feel like any kind of miracle.

Step outside your comfort zone and do something today you’ve never done before.

3. Everyone and everything else comes first …

So many of us feel like self care is something selfish. We’re so busy looking after the other people in our lives that we forget to take care of ourselves and when we do, we feel guilty. The problem with looking after everyone else, is we eventually reach a point where we have nothing left to give and even the nicest person will feel resentful when they are always caring for everyone else.

Do something for yourself today. Have a bath, read a book, drink a whole cup of coffee, treat yourself to some fluffy socks.

4. Dreams? Dreams are for other people …

When you were a child, what were you going to be when you grew up? Are there places you wanted to see, things you wanted to do? When was the last time you had a dream come true. When was the last time you even dared to dream?

Write a list of five things you want to do this month – make some easily achievable and make at least one a bit more challenging.

before The Practical Goddess course, I didn’t even know what my dreams were … I now find joy in every day …


5. Don’t tell anyone, but I have been noticing ‘signs’

Do you keep noticing white feathers, repeating number or pennies in the street? Do you find yourself paying attention to song lyrics or does the same advert keep popping up in your news feed? Your intuition is trying to get your attention.

Slow down and notice where you are and what you’re doing when you see these signs. What are they guiding you to do or feel?

If you recognise any of these signs click this link to find out more about The Practical Goddess course – a year long life-coaching course to help you live your most authentic and contented life.

I have loved the Goddess course this year and will be carrying on next year. I have learnt so much about myself and I’m still learning, I have looked forward to the weekly email and it has given me the encouragement that I have needed at times to push myself in directions that I may have shied away from previously. I feel much more equipped to cope with situations that crop up.


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