Does Mercury Retrograde strike fear into your heart? Are you sure that for the next few weeks, everything is going to go wrong? Or do you not have a clue what it means but notice that it gets blamed for a whole load of upheaval? This blog will help you to make the most of Mercury Retrograde so that you can use its ‘disruptive’ energy to your advantage.  

So, what is Mercury Retrograde? I make no claims to being an astrologist, so I’m going to explain this as simply as possible (so that even I can understand it). Mercury Retrograde happens when Mercury changes its orbit and appears to be going backwards. As the planet of communication, this can mean that all things communication related can feel as if they are also going backwards … or broken. 

In 2019 there are three retrogrades – the latest started on July 7th and will be with us till the end of the month, so there’s still time to enjoy it and to practice before it comes back again at the beginning of November! Here are my top tips for how …

Think ‘re’ for re-trograde

This is a time for re … re-vise, re-visit, re-new, re-treat and even rest. It is not a time to start anything new but it is a great time to go back over things that you’ve done before and to make some changes. So, if you’re thinking about changing a room around, going back to an exercise class or having some time off, then now is the time. Why not treat yourself to some Reiki (it even starts with Re…). I’m using Mercury Retrograde to re-vise and re-launch our life coaching programmes so keep an eye out for that. 

Do not buy new technology

I repeat, Do…Not…Buy…New…Technology! With the planet of communication in retrograde, it is very possible you will have problems with your existing technology. In fact, as I’ve been writing this, I’ve had errors and bugs and moments where deep breaths have been required to stop me throwing the laptop out of the window, BUT now is NOT the time to make decisions about something new. Make sure everything is well backed up, roll your eyes at the mischief of Mercury and use the time to do a bit of a digital detox. If it is still not working after Mercury sorts itself out, you have my permission to treat yourself!

Don’t commit

With Mercury in retrograde, communications can become easily confused and it is more likely that we will make bad decisions. Wait until it has passed before you sign any agreements or contracts or make any major life decisions. It is a great time however to do a bit more research. 

Catch up with friends

Is there someone you haven’t seen for a while that you’d like to catch up with? Now would be a great time to re-connect (see what I did there?) but if at all possible, try to meet in person. With technology the way it is, it would be very easy for phone or text conversations to be taken the wrong way. Do something restful together and you’ll feel great. 

So, it’s not all bad. Follow these tips and you’ll sail through Mercury Retrograde and might even find that you’re even looking forward to the next one. 

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