Sometimes, I feel that I’m fading away in some ways despite the malicious efforts of my scales to tell me the opposite is true. We spend so much time on the dull routines of everyday necessity, on pleasing others and being there for every little bump in their roads, that we lose sight of our own path and what makes us extraordinary. I have a fabulous wardrobe, but I live in jeans, huge jumpers and furry boots. Rather than look immaculately coiffured, I frequently resemble something that’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, because the dog delights in watching me retrieve her ball from under the spruce trees. I paint, but my easel is sporting a couple of scarves and a vintage Japanese Silk Kimono that needs to be stricter to completion, rather than my latest masterpiece. I’m creative, I’m my own boss, I’m funny, persuasive, positively erudite, well-red, I have a loving partner and even the dog is intermittently obedient, I study as a perpetual hobby and should have another degree next year. I’m involved in my community – in fact, on paper, I’m many of the things that I and others aspire to be. It’s just that, on a day to day level, I seem to have forgotten this. Somewhere along the line, the domestic has taken over from the goddess.

Obviously, something needed to be done and so, I turned to Donna Booth’s The Practical Goddess course. It’s designed to give us back ourselves and provide a supportive and structured pathway to becoming who we want or were meant to be. It’s about becoming a leading lady, rather than consigning ourselves to being part of the supporting cast.

Each of the twelve months of the cycle takes a new theme, which encourages participants to explore aspects of themselves that have become submerged. There’s an online Facebook group which allows us to share our thoughts and celebrate our triumphs. It’s a joy to be part of this and to see other people blossom. For some it’s tiny steps, perhaps making a plan to return to work next year, or driving several hundred miles by themselves for the first time. The course is like having your own life coach on hand all year.

Donna is a particularly inspiring coach because she has figured out her own path and made the changes needed to create her own contented life. She now helps other people to do the same.

Each course starts in January, and many spaces are already booked up for 2020. The cycle starts with welcoming in the New Year, looking forward and letting go, before February’s activities which are centred on creating a vision of our goddess selves, and manifestation work, before creating a sacred space in March. As the months progress, we discover more about abundance blocks, extreme self-care, creativity, wellness, trusting and working with our intuition, wellness and positive habits.

As a means of rediscovering yourself, or moving forward to becoming your next you, I can recommend it. I’ve found myself exhibiting paintings, speaking at public meetings and being described as, “magnificent”. I’m nowhere near where I want to be and where, thanks to the confidence, genuinely interesting and challenging activities, great personal support and timely reminders The Practical Goddess Course offers, I now know where I want to be and how I’m going to get there.

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Thank you to Alison Daniels, editor of Holistic Health and Holistic Therapist Magazines for her review. First published in Holistic Therapist Magazine.

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