Welcome to our Vitality blog. I’ve lots I’d like to share with you so I’ll be posting a blog once a week or so to share what’s going on in Vitality and some hints and tips that you can use to make your life a little easier. I’ll particularly be talking about yoga, mindfulness and the other therapies we offer but other times I’ll probably go rogue and tell you all about my favourite books, films, handbags and what my tribe of animals is up to. I’m pretty sure my Neals Yard Remedies obsession will also feature fairly heavily – if you share the obsession, you can even join my dream team 😉 🙂

I have a wide circle of very talented therapist, writer, artist and creative friends and I’m planning to use the blog to share some of their fabulous work with you. If you’d like to be featured you can email me direct on [email protected]

We also have a very active Vitality facebook page so do come along and join in. One of my favourite things we do is the daily gratitude 🙂 It’s also the first place you’ll hear about special offers and events.

If there is anything in particular you’d like to see in the blog, please just ask. I’m not promising anything but there’s no harm in asking 😉

Love, light and squishy hugs – Dx


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