I have always loved Autumn. I may be slightly biased because I have a September birthday and so do my brother, dad and many of my friends but since I was small it’s always been an exciting time for me .. not quite the long dark days of Winter (which up here in the far north of Scotland are very long and very dark) and no longer waiting for Summer to arrive. A bright crisp day comes like a present and the dark nights where you can draw the curtains and put on a fire are still a novelty.

Here are some ways I make the most of the season.

The Vitality garden

  • It’s a great time to clear the garden and cut back trees and bushes so that they can rest over winter. I do leave the Vitality garden a little wild so that the birds and animals have places to shelter and berries to eat.
  • I’m not the most green fingered person but I love to be outside and every year I manage to grow some of my own fruit and veg. This year I’ve managed a single aubergine, some cherry tomatoes and a glut of green chillis. We also had strawberries and raspberries but the Vitality hens ate them all. It won’t keep us fed all Winter but I get such a feeling of contentment gathering in my tiny harvest. Next year … I’m planning a bigger one ..!
  • Watching the seasons change is such a wonderful mindfulness practice. The awareness of change. The cycle of life and death. One of my favourite practices is to choose a particular tree or plant and draw it through each changing season. If you don’t like to draw, you can photograph it or even just take a few moments to be present with it every day. Hug your tree … there’s no judgement here 😉

Ramping up the hygge home

  • I am a huge fan of aromatherapy and love how scents can be used to enhance any mood – as soon as September starts I move away from the light, flowery scents of Summer and bring in frankincense, rose, orange, bergamot and cedarwood. I’ve also managed to source some sandalwood which I absolutely love.
  • Spring is the season most commonly associated with clearing and cleaning but Autumn is actually a great time to clear out things you no longer need, deep clean and bring out the cosy blankets and candles ready for Winter. I can make soup and slow cooker meals and put on the coal fire every day. I actually do that a lot in Summer too but it seems a bit more appropriate in Autumn!

Let’s go outside

  • Another of my favourite things about the season is the Autumn sky. The low hanging, heavy, harvest moon. The shepherd’s delight of fiery night time skies. The low bubble of excitement that soon it’ll be time to start spotting the northern lights. Facebook is a great place to keep up with Aurora alerts and photographs. I follow Aurorawatch and with a bit of notice, I’m lucky enough to be able to see them from my front doorstep on a clear night.
  • Colour .. reds and golds and softening greens and yellows. Even better when the leaves are fallen and crunchy. I’m not ashamed to admit I still love a run and jump into a pile of fallen leaves.

Giving thanks

  • And of course .. it’s almost Halloween. The time of year when we celebrate those who have passed and where the veil between the realms is traditionally a little thinner. I always have some small thanksgiving ritual for my loved ones who have passed. I also teach children’s classes, so I love seeing how excited they all get.

I find something to love in all seasons but Autumn in Scotland is my favourite season of all. What do you love about Autumn?

Lots of love

Donna xx

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